Concierge doctors, also known as direct primary care providers, charge an upfront fee for their services. A concierge doctor focuses on building a long-term relationship with their patients and helping them maintain a high quality of life. They provide around the clock personalized care.

Earlier, only wealthy patients could afford the fee of a concierge physician, but recently concierge medicine has become more affordable.

Concierge physicians care for fewer patients than doctors in traditional practices. This allows them to better focus on their patients’ overall well-being and preventative care.

Concierge doctors do everything primary care physicians can. They provide screening and diagnostic services and minor urgent care services such as removing stitches, freezing warts, and administering vaccines.

As we age, our tissues and organs deteriorate. Older adults tend to have more health conditions and need personalized care and attention. Due to mobility issues and other restrictions, many older adults are unable to go to their doctors or hospitals for screenings and checkups.

If you’re older, consider having a concierge doctor. You can talk to your concierge doctor on the phone, discuss your symptoms, and they will advise you over the phone. Concierge doctors also make house calls, which means you don’t have to travel to your doctor’s office to see them.

A lot of older adults have memory problems. Concierge doctors take the time to understand the situation of their patients with memory and other issues. Since they see a limited number of patients, concierge doctors can give their undivided attention to their older patients and their specific healthcare needs.

A major advantage of concierge medicine is that patients do not have to wait for days to make an appointment. In many cases, patients are able to see their doctors the same day they request an appointment. Timely care is key to preventing minor problems from growing into major health concerns.

Older adults may have different healthcare needs than young adults. A concierge physician can play an important role in keeping their older patients out of the hospital by constantly monitoring their health and preventing future health problems.

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