When you have a medical need – whether it is sudden flu-like symptoms, an unexpected bout of rashes, or even a nagging back pain – a family doctor can help! Yes, a family doctor can be the right answer for myriad health conditions or situations. Best family doctors near me offer numerous benefits for you and your family. Read on to know why you should have a family physician.

Family doctors follow your life cycle – Family doctors treat patients of all age groups. Yes, you heard it right, they treat toddlers, care for teens, and also look into the health of middle-aged adults and patients well into their 90s. A family doctor examines these same patients for several years. This is typical of family physicians across the globe! Since a family physician treats a wide range of health conditions, they can be your first point of contact for any kind of ailment.

They know your personal as well as family history – When a family doctor treats you and your family for years, they get to know your health and medical history inside and out. This, in turn, helps them make more accurate diagnoses aside from being able to spot any red flags and changes in your health. When a family doctor sees multiple generations of a family, he is able to record a more accurate as well as in-depth health history, and give you wise and timely recommendations and suggestions. For instance, he will watch out for signs of cancer if your mother or father was diagnosed with the disease. A family doctor also builds a kind of bond with the entire family and often knows what is happening at home too. Aside from a physical health condition, a family doctor may just be able to diagnose stress and anxiety in a child whose parent may have lost a job! In short, when a family doctor treats you and your family for years, they are in a better position to care for your health and well-being. A Family Pain doctor Texarkana is also a very important for instant give you help.

Family doctors treat a wide range of conditions – Most people think of family doctors as physicians who do yearly check-ups. While this is indeed true, your family doctor can also help you manage a wide range of chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and even heart disease aside from acute health ailments such as injuries and sinus infections. Many family doctors are also trained to perform minor surgical procedures such as draining an abscess, suturing a cut or even freezing a bothersome wart.

Every family must have a family doctor they can trust and reach out to in times of need. If you are hunting for family doctors accepting new patients near Sonoma, look no further than Guy Delorefice, MD, INC (also known as Dr. Guy). Call Dr. Guy today at 707-938-1255 to schedule an appointment.