There are several compelling reasons to have a family doctor. Your family doctor keeps track of your health and wellness. A family doctor knows their patients’ family and health history, and during consultation sessions, conducts tests to check if their body systems are functioning properly.

In addition to performing regular checkups, a family doctor helps their patients with chronic conditions keep their health in check. It is no secret that early diagnosis saves lives, time, and money. Your family doctor can detect changes and abnormalities in your vital signs and will save you money by diagnosing health problems and initiating treatment when symptoms first begin to show. If you need specialized treatment, they will refer you to a specialist.

How Frequently Should You See Your Family Doctor?

How frequently you should visit your family doctor will depend on your health history and age. People who are below 50 and are in good health might want to visit their family doctor every three years for a full body checkup. If you are 50 or over, see your doctor every year for an annual body checkup.

What Should You Discuss During a Consultation Session?

Depending on your age, there are a variety of health problems that you may be facing. During consultation sessions, discuss any issues with your family doctor to better understand how to maintain good health and keep diseases at bay.

  • If you are 30 or younger and are in good health: Talk to your doctor about lifestyle-related diseases and how to prevent them. Women should get cervical cancer screening tests
  • If you’re in your early, mid, or late 30s: Talk to your family health care doctor about diseases that people in their 30s are susceptible to (common examples include hypertension and diabetes). Work with them to create an action plan to prevent these diseases
  • If you’re above 50: People aged 65 and older should discuss the benefits of pneumococcal and influenza vaccination. Both men and women should get a colonoscopy during every session. Women should also get regular mammograms

Benefits of Regular Visits

Whether you are fit or are grappling with a health condition, make regular checkups a priority. Periodically seeing your doctor comes with a range of benefits.

The best family doctors near you have the skills and knowhow required to detect even those medical conditions that have barely noticeable symptoms. During each visit, your doctor will use various physical examinations to assess your health. They will diagnose potentially threatening health issues early before they snowball into major concerns.

They will monitor existing health issues and come up with a plan to prevent symptoms from worsening and reduce the risk of complications. They will also ensure you stay on top of your vaccination and screening tests.

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