Concierge medicine is a type of care delivery model in which the patient pays an annual retainer or fee to their doctor. In exchange for the retainer, the doctor agrees to provide personalized care. Concierge doctors in Napa see fewer patients than other doctors and are hence, able to maximize time spent with patients.

Here are some benefits of concierge medicine.

No More Waiting for Appointments

A recent study showed that the average wait time to get an appointment with a primary care physician for a health checkup is 18 days. In some areas, patients wait for as long as 32 days to see their doctor. Another study found that patients have an average wait time of 18 minutes at their doctor’s practice before being attended by a healthcare professional.

Concierge medicine addresses these problems. In most cases, same-day or next-day appointments are available. There is virtually zero patient wait time.

Appointments Are Longer and More Productive

Concierge doctors typically have a patient panel of no more than 600 patients. They usually see 6-10 patients every day. In comparison, primary care doctors see 20 patients daily. Since concierge doctors have more time for each patient, they can focus on providing personalized care.

Many concierge medicine practices guarantee lengthy appointments that can last at least 30 minutes. Longer appointments ensure patients get enough time to discuss their problems with their doctors. Doctors are not forced to rush through their appointments and are able to make time to really listen to their patients. They also invest time in building rapport with their patients. Improved doctor-patient relationship boosts treatment outcomes.

24/7 Care Access

One of the biggest advantages of having a concierge doctor is that you have guaranteed access to 24/7 physician care. Concierge doctors take patient calls as well as reply to patient emails even after their working hours.

Post Covid-19, many concierge practices have adopted telehealth. Virtual correspondence prevents unnecessary trips to the concierge doctor’s office and can help improve access to healthcare. With a concierge doctor, you will save money on frequent trips to your doctor’s office. You can consult your concierge doctor over the phone or via a video call after their office hours from the comfort of your home. Many concierge doctors make house calls on request.

Concierge Doctors Offer a Full Range of Healthcare Services

Our concierge doctors here in Napa are trained to accurately diagnose and treat acute and chronic health conditions. Doctors also help their patients manage existing health conditions. Your concierge doctor can come up with a preventative care plan that focuses on reducing your risk of health problems. Concierge doctors have established relationships with other doctors and can refer their patients to specialists for better care.


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