In football, quarterback performance is critical to the overall success of the team. The quarterback is the leader of the offense. They call the play in the huddle. The quarterback coordinates with other team members and coaches to produce the best possible results every time the team is on the field. In healthcare, the primary care physician plays the role of quarterback.

Studies link the quality of healthcare and treatment cost to the availability of a primary care physician. Patients with access to an experienced primary care physician usually have lower treatment costs than those who don’t. Further, in areas with a higher concentration of primary care physicians, fewer people die due to strokes, heart diseases, and cancer. People are also less likely to require hospitalization in these areas.

A separate study found that people with access to primary health care live longer and healthier lives. Studies also show that adding more primary healthcare physicians to the healthcare system can help avert more than 127k deaths every year. (Source-

Characteristics of Reputable Primary Care Practices

  • Primary care teams closely and carefully observe their patients’ condition. When designing a primary care plan, every factor at play is considered. Primary care doctors and their teams ensure their patients receive the right (evidence-based) treatment.
  • A primary care physician is trained to design treatment plans based on their patients’ unique needs. Acutely ill or high-risk patients receive specialized care. Everyone deserves and received personalized care in Dr. Guy’s practice.
  • Guy and his Team helps coordinate and facilitate every aspect of your care. Ensuring you receive the best level of care available coupled with the best service.

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