Dr. Guy’s June 2022 Newsletter

COVID Treatment and Paxlovid Rebound   Hello to all patients. COVID seems to be running rampant out there. Stay vigilant and please do everything possible to protect yourself and others. If you do develop viral symptoms, I recommend you assume that you have COVID until proven otherwise.   If you have viral symptoms, I generally recommend daily testing for COVID until you have multiple (about 7) [...]

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Dr. Guy’s May 2022 Newsletter

COVID-19 "Long Haulers" Most people who have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) recover completely within a few weeks. But some people — even those who had mild versions of the disease — continue to experience symptoms after their initial recovery. These people sometimes describe themselves as "long haulers" and the conditions have been called post-COVID-19 syndrome or "long COVID-19." These health issues are sometimes called post-COVID-19 conditions. They're generally [...]

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Dr. Guy’s November 2021 Newsletter

Should I get a COVID-19 vaccine if I’ve already had COVID-19? If you’ve had COVID-19 and recovered, you may wonder if you should still get vaccinated against the virus. While a previous infection provides some natural protection or immunity, it’s unclear how long this protection lasts. That’s why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the vaccine even for people who have already had [...]

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Dr. Guy’s August 2021 Newsletter

Here are the current CDC recommendations regarding the COVID vaccine booster. I am currently recommending an extra COVID shot for all patients that are moderately to severely immunocompromised. This includes the following people: Been receiving active cancer treatment for tumors or cancers of the blood Received an organ transplant and are taking medicines to suppress your immune system Received a stem cell transplant within the last 2 [...]

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Dr Guy’s July 2021 Newsletter

Hi everyone, Here is a short and sweet (or not-so-sweet) update on local COVID numbers. As California has reopened, and with the Delta variant spreading in the state, we are seeing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Sonoma County. Ironically, this is occurring almost exactly one year after last summer’s surge. Local Hospital Update There are currently 7 COVID-19 patients at SSRRH (Sutter Santa Rosa Regional [...]

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Dr. Guy’s December 2020 Newsletter

Looking to get the facts about the new COVID-19 vaccines? Here's what you need to know about the different vaccines and the benefits of getting vaccinated. Vaccines to prevent the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are perhaps the best hope for ending the pandemic. But as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) begins authorizing emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines, you likely have questions. Find out about the [...]

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