There was a time when patients used to visit primary care doctors in Sonoma for simple things like earaches or losing weight without a reason. Such patients would be in and out of primary care within no time. However, things are changing, and from the looks of it, very soon primary care will be treating patients with chronic conditions, in addition to the simpler and daily healthcare needs of patients. There are several reasons for this. You may visit this company’s website if you are looking for a Weight Loss Clinic in Houston. Z Med Clinic is a well-known medical weight loss clinic Houston. Weight reduction and management programs, hormone therapy, cosmetic surgeries, laser hair removal, and other treatments are among the services provided.

Quality Measures

Today, it is expected that when a patient visits primary care, the doctor screens the patient thoroughly. However, this screening is more apt for patients with chronic conditions. It is these quality measures and mandates that are preventing primary care centers from treating everyday ailments, where patients do not want to spend the entire day getting a multitude of tests for something as simple as an earache.

Funding Woes

Many primary care centers not just in Sonoma, but also across California are facing a money crunch with administrators tightening their belts. Many clinics are actually running at a loss, and hence, they are unable to see new patients for nearly half a year.

Lack of Primary Care Physicians

There appears to be a dearth of primary care doctors in Sonoma. Of course, this is not a blanket statement, but several primary care centers do not have an adequate number of primary care doctors to manage the walk-ins. This creates a gap in the service required and the service being offered. Under such circumstances, patients who require primary care end up shifting to for-profit primary care centers. As a result, federally qualified health centers are suffering as they are unable to generate revenue by treating acute health conditions.

The Bottom Line

With negative cash revenue and a reimbursement scheme that does not meet the financial needs of primary care facilities, in the near future, these centers will end up focusing solely on chronic conditions, leaving people with acute conditions to visit freestanding and for-profit hospitals and clinics. At the moment, primary care doctors in Sonoma do not have the freedom to adapt to the changing needs of their patients as rules and regulations do not allow it. This is causing primary care to slowly but surely shift to chronic conditions, and forget about the acute ones.

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