Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a payment and practice model in which the patient periodically pays their physician directly for a predetermined set of services. As determined by the service contract, DPC practices typically charge a flat monthly or annual fee for access to a wide range of primary care and medical administrative services. The DPC model is an improvement to the traditional third-party insurance coverage model.

In the DPC model, patients get various personalized services over and above the traditional services offered by a standard practice model. Such services may include real-time access to the doctor through advanced communication technology or teleconferencing, extended visits, home visits, and personalized and comprehensive care administration.

The DPC model is arguably one of the most effective healthcare delivery models as it allows practices to create value for their patients and fulfill their responsibilities towards them.

Additionally, it enables providers to closely monitor their patients’ health so they can diagnose health problems at an early stage and address them before things take a turn for the worse. Timely intervention improves treatment outcomes and cuts healthcare costs.

The average primary care physician spends several hours performing administrative tasks every day. The DPC model eliminates the need for co-pay. As a result, practitioners are not burdened by administrative tasks such as maintaining multiple files and coordinating with insurance providers for their patients. Instead, they can focus on improving patient experience.

In the DPC model, providers typically see fewer patients every day and can dedicate more time to every patient, delivering personalized care. As a result, they can forge strong and lasting relationships with their patients.

The model allows doctors in Sonoma to get to know their patients personally and their health histories, enabling them to come up with personalized care plans that suit their patients’ specific care requirements. The DPC model eliminates intermediaries that often complicate things. It is a win-win for both patients and doctors. When doctors don’t have to juggle multiple tasks, their risk of physician burnout considerably decreases. At the same time, patients get personalized services and save money.

Doctors are free to set their rates and can offer discounts or offers to improve healthcare access for marginalized communities.

The DPC model addresses this shortcoming of traditional care delivery models by allowing patients to schedule telehealth appointments. Several doctors in Sonoma used the model during lockdown to ensure their patients received the care they need.

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