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Hello to all from Dr. Guy,

These are unprecedented times in my lifetime. While researchers work on effective treatment and potential vaccines for COVID-19, there may be some potentially efficacious modalities already available to us and some are as follows:

1. Zinc – Zinc supplement or Zinc lozenges. Harmless and may be helpful in helping decrease viral replication. You can buy these over the counter (if available).

2. Chloroquine – only available via prescription.

3. Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) – only available via prescription.

Unfortunately, there is so little known about this Coronavirus as it is a “novel” or new virus. We have no standardized treatment for this virus at this time. There is not any robust data to support any potential treatments at this time. Because of this, it is a “personal” decision. I personally would not take it unless I thought I had the disease (or was confirmed to have COVID-19).

And you will likely have side effects from Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine; most likely GI symptoms (i.e. – nausea).

If you are interested in receiving a prescription for Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine, then you must do the following:

  1. Watch following video in it’s entirety:
  2. Read following article in it’s entirety:
  3. Call our office during normal business hours at (707) 938-1255 and request a Rx be sent to your pharmacy of choice. Please do not contact our office wondering if you should take it; once again, it is a personal decision – and a decision I wanted to make available to all of my patients. If you call with questions about these medications, I cannot guarantee I can get back to you as I have no further information and we have already been overwhelmed with phone calls. Please do not contact Dr. Guy after hours with requests for prescriptions. I cannot guarantee availability of either of these drugs.

Are we open?
Despite the “Shelter In Place” order, we remain open during normal business hours. All routine office visits are canceled for this week. If you have a need, contact our office during normal business hours. Our staff will decide whether you need to be seen in the office. We have found that most visits can be done via Telehealth (i.e. – Facetime or Zoom) and are very effective. This has allowed us to stay operational which is imperative for the health of all our patients. If you have any cold symptoms, please do not visit the office — simply call during normal business hours.

Thank you for your understanding!