Concierge medicine or retainer medicine or membership medicine is a care delivery model in which the patient pays an additional fee (or a retainer) to their doctor to have direct access to them. It is estimated that around 800 – 5,000 doctors in the country follow the concierge medicine model.

Though all models share several similarities, they vary in their form of operation, fee structure, and payment requirements.

Benefits of the Concierge Model

Over the years, the burden on healthcare services has drastically increased. More people are covered by the healthcare bill now more than ever. With more patients to see every day, doctors are unable to provide high-quality healthcare.

The concierge model is designed to improve the doctor-patient relationship. Concierge doctors usually do not see more than 20 patients in a day. Because they see fewer patients, doctors are able to deliver personalized, high-quality care. Patients usually have lesser waiting time than in the traditional care delivery model.

Concierge physicians are able to devote more time to each patient, which allows them to develop an in-depth understanding of their condition and risk factors and decide the best treatment plan for them.

Many doctors give out their personal numbers to their patients. This allows patients to round-the-clock access to their physicians. Many concierge physicians guarantee same-day appointments to their patients.

Concierge physicians often accompany their patients to certain appointments with a specialist. They also make house calls, if required. Patients have unrestricted physician access, which is well-suited to the needs of those living with chronic conditions.

Many concierge physicians oversee the treatment of their patients in the emergency room and after admission.

Some concierge practices (known as cash-only or direct primary care practices) do not accept insurance. They refuse to deal with insurance companies. This can help save time that is lost in negotiating with the insurance company and keep administrative and overhead costs low.

Though many practices accept insurance, they may ask for a yearly fee in addition to what is covered by the plan. Concierge physicians are usually not a part of HMO or PPO networks.

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