When choosing a PCP – primary care physician – you usually have two choices. You can choose between best internal medicine doctors near me or a family medicine doctor. Although the two may overlap in several areas, the main difference between a family doctor and an internal medicine doctor is that the former sees patients of all ages, while the latter consults only with adults. Let us break down the main differences between these two types of primary care physicians to make your choice a bit easier.

Family Medicine Doctors vs. Internal Medicine Doctors

  • Both family medicine doctors and internists focus on the total health of each of their patients, and strive to care for and promote wellness and disease prevention.
  • An internist is trained to primarily focus on general medical conditions that are common in adults. Many internal medicine doctors receive training in other specialties such as neurology, sleep medicine, geriatrics, and even dermatology.
  • Family medicine physicians too aren’t behind, and receive extensive hospital training. However, their focus remains on outpatient care. Many also are trained in pediatrics. A family medicine physician treats people of all ages right from infants to the elderly.
  • Most family doctors typically provide more ‘well-patient’ services in an office setting. Whereas, internists find themselves working in hospitals. However, both diagnose and treat their patients within the confines of their specialty and training.
  • Since most family physicians focus exclusively on outpatient medicine, preventative medicine is a big part of their practice. When the need arises, a family medicine doctor will refer his patient to a specialist.
  • Family medicine doctors are trained to diagnose as well as treat a wide spectrum of medical issues for patients of all age groups. Internists, on the other hand, often treat and focus on common adult health conditions.
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How to Choose the Best Internal Medicine Doctors Near Me?

Choosing the right primary care doctor is no easy task. Begin with listing down in-network doctors in your locality. Once you have the list ready, narrow it down to a list of internists. You may also ask friends and co-workers for references and recommendations. Before you pick a doctor, be sure to pay the clinic a visit, and meet with the doctor, and ask him any questions you may have in mind. Other factors to bear in mind include proximity of the clinic to your home, the nurses and staff at the facility, and infrastructure of the clinic.

To sum it up, yes, an internal medicine physician can be your primary care physician, and can treat most ailments. If you are on the lookout for a reliable internist, look no further than Guy Delorefice, MD, INC (also known as Dr. Guy). Call 707-938-1255 to schedule an appointment today.