Concierge medicine focuses on building a healthy long-term relationship between a doctor and their patient to provide optimal care. In this type of care delivery model, the patient pays an fee or retainer for access to the concierge doctor. The model is becoming increasingly popular due to its many advantages.

Concierge doctors provide personalized care, offer longer, more frequent appointments, and take a special interest in their patients’ health, instead of solely treating them.

 Concierge doctors in Napa monitor their patients’ health and fitness. They do not just help patients with different illnesses manage their health conditions, but they also come up with a preventive care plan to prevent chronic diseases. A concierge doctor also helps coordinate their patients’ care with specialists.

Here are some benefits of a concierge doctor.

24/7 Care

The traditional healthcare system has several flaws. When you call a doctor to schedule an appointment, you may not get to talk to an actual person. Even if you manage to schedule an appointment, you may have to wait before you get an opportunity to see the doctor or your doctor may be too busy and the nurse practitioner may tend to you.

If the doctor sees many patients in a day, you may not get enough time to discuss all your concerns with them before they swiftly move on to the next patient.

Concierge medicine addresses these issues of the traditional healthcare system. You can contact your concierge doctor at any time on the phone, text, or email. Many concierge doctors provide same-day appointments and even video conference with their patients.

Some concierge doctors even make house visits for patients who live far from their clinic or who have a health condition that does not allow them to travel to their healthcare facility.

They Manage All Aspects of Patient Care 

A traditional physician sees many patients each shift. Thus, they are often unable to provide personalized healthcare and don’t have enough time to evaluate their patients as a whole. On the other hand, concierge doctors give their patients their undivided attention.

Concierge medicine focuses on preventive care. Your concierge doctor will closely monitor your health. During a visit, they may perform various tests to see if the different body systems are working properly.

Early intervention is key to disease management. Regular visits allow your doctor to diagnose potential health complications and start treatment before an issue snowballs into a major concern and becomes difficult to manage.

Can Save You Money

Your concierge doctor can help you save money in a variety of ways. They help minimize the need for frequent hospital admissions and help manage health problems by providing prompt, preventative service. They also offer better management of pre-existing conditions which reduces overall healthcare costs.

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