Telehealth refers to delivering health and health-related services through information and communications technologies, such as video conferencing, streaming media, the internet, and store-and-forward imaging.

The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated the rapid adoption of telehealth by health providers nation-wide. In-person office visits put doctors, patients, and others at risk. Many doctors realize this and have started offering virtual consultations to provide uninterrupted access and continuity to healthcare. Telehealth can help fight coronavirus better by reducing crowding at hospitals and clinics.

Many people with manageable health conditions are delaying hospital visits. Through telehealth, they can consult their doctor. Many of the best internal medicine doctors near you have likely pivoted into offering telehealth options.

Telehealth is expected to play a significant role in the future of healthcare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has expanded its coverage of telehealth for Medicaid beneficiaries as part of the CARES Act.

Here are some benefits of telehealth for patients.

  • Reduces Viral Transmission Risk: Patients with weakened immune systems due to underlying medical conditions and senior citizens are at high risk of catching the coronavirus. If you or a loved one have a weakened immune system, look for a doctor who offers virtual consultations. Virtually consulting your doctor is an effective way to continue your treatment while reducing your risk of infection.
  • Saves Time: According to a study, on average, Americans spend 121 minutes to seek medical care (37 minutes of travel time + 87 minutes at the doctor’s clinic). When you consult your doctor virtually, you do not have to travel to their office and can allot time to tasks that deserve your attention.
  • Saves a Lot of Hassle: Depending on your location (how far your home or office is from your doctor’s clinic), seeing your doctor could mean spending several minutes or even an hour or more on the road. You may have to replan your day, put tasks on hold, pull your kids out of school for half a day, or take off from work. When you consult a doctor virtually, you can go about your daily activities as usual.

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