Concierge medicine or retainer-based medicine is a type of delivery care model in which the patient pays a yearly retainer fee to their doctor in return for personalized care and 24/7 access to the health professional. Many concierge doctors make house calls for an additional fee.

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Here are some benefits of concierge medicine.

Enhanced access to care: Patients typically have direct access to their physician. Concierge doctors share their phone numbers and email addresses with their patients, so they can reach out to them directly to make appointments or discuss their health concerns.

Personalized care: Concierge doctors usually have a smaller patient base and typically see 6-10 patients a day. Smaller patient panels lead to reduced patient wait times. Also, because they see fewer patients a day, concierge doctors need not rush through patient appointments and can spend more time with every patient. Concierge doctors take the time to really listen to their patients and perform thorough examinations during appointments to diagnose any underlying health issues.

Preventive care and wellness: Concierge medicine focuses on preventive care. During patient appointments, doctors perform physical examinations. A detailed examination can reveal the underlying cause of pain or any other problem. During a routine checkup, your concierge doctor may ask you various questions regarding your lifestyle, health and family history to analyze your risk of different health conditions. They may also recommend tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Better management of chronic conditions: If you have a chronic health condition, longer appointments and personalized attention can result in better disease management and potentially better outcome.

24/7 Availability: Many concierge doctors are on call for 24 hours, so their patients have peace of mind that comes with knowing they won’t be left high and dry if an emergency occurs in the middle of the night.

Care coordination: If a patient is trying to deal with a complex health condition and needs specialized care, their doctor can recommend them to a specialist. Concierge doctors stay in touch with specialists treating their patients to ensure their care is coordinated.

Customized health Plans: Once a concierge doctor gains an in-depth understanding of their patient’s health problems, they develop a treatment plan tailored to their unique care needs.

Reduced paperwork and bureaucracy: The concierge medicine model minimizes paperwork and bureaucracy, allowing doctors to focus on patient care.

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