Dr. Guy’s December 2022 Newsletter

Dear Patients, Happy holidays! I wish you and all of your families good health this season and the coming year. There is a new blood test used as a tool in the early detection of cancer. This test is available through our office. I have been researching this test and still have mixed feelings about its use.   Click here to read the article in [...]

Dr. Guy’s December 2022 Newsletter2022-12-30T22:26:36-08:00

Why Have a Primary Care Doctor?

Different types of primary care doctors include internists, family physicians, geriatricians, obstetricians, and pediatricians. There are several important reasons why it is necessary to find a primary care physician for your health. Primary care doctors are trained to provide a wide variety of care and diagnosis. Dr. Guy is a trusted primary care doctor in Sonoma. His team of professionals is here to provide patients [...]

Why Have a Primary Care Doctor?2022-12-26T21:08:23-08:00

What is Concierge Medicine and Is It Right for You?

Concierge medicine is a form of health care that's growing in popularity. It can be an effective way to get the personalized, high-quality care you deserve from a physician who has the time to get to know you, and not just your case file. Read on to learn some of the many benefits to concierge medicine in Sonoma County. What is Concierge Medicine? Concierge medicine [...]

What is Concierge Medicine and Is It Right for You?2022-12-25T06:49:03-08:00