Dr Guy’s December 2021 Newsletter

Low Back Pain & Sciatica It is estimated that up to 84% of adults have low back pain at some time in their lives. The vast majority of patients seen in primary care (>85%) will have nonspecific low back pain, meaning that the patient has back pain in the absence of a specific underlying condition that can be reliably identified. For most of these individuals, [...]

Dr Guy’s December 2021 Newsletter2021-12-27T09:35:58-08:00

Which Primary Care Doctor Is Right for You?

Primary care physicians (PCP) are responsible for your health for the entirety of your life — they'll be the first to spot disease and help you navigate the health care system. They can be categorized into different sub-specialties, including family physicians, internists, and geriatricians. Some physicians are better with patients, some focus more on diagnoses, and others do both equally well. Knowing which kind is [...]

Which Primary Care Doctor Is Right for You?2022-01-03T21:02:57-08:00